How To Easily Create An Online Course in Just 30 Days!

This step by step, no nonsense approach to course creation is a system that will have you creating and selling your EPIC course in just 30 short days!
What You'll Learn
  •  The 5 W's of course creation
  • How to narrow down a course idea
  •  Systems for quick content creation
    • How to upload your content
    •  How to create bonus content
    •  How to create sales pages and videos
    • Plus how to profit from your course
        Who Is This Course For?

        This course is for anyone passionate about teaching from their skills, knowledge and expertise who want to generate a passive income selling online.

        30-Day Money Back-Guarantee

        This Course Includes:
          • On-demand daily video
          • Resources
          • Full Lifetime Access
          • Access on mobile and desktop
          • Additional Supportive Content
          • Willingness to learn step by step and complete each days tasks
          • Access To Screen recording software (Zoom, Quicktime, etc) - How to use this is included in the course
          • Webcam (Built-In Computer or Phone)
          • Microphone (Computer or Phone Built-in with earbuds works great) - How to use this is included in the course
          • Canva Account (Free) or other design software - How to use this is included in the course
          • Notebook, iPad, whiteboard or another writing surface
          • 30 + step by step video tutorials
          • Resource Materials
          • BONUS content to help you skyrocket your course sales success
          • BONUS content to help you utilize the knowledge you gain in the course for other projects such as webinars, masterclasses, writing books, membership sites, additional courses, even your written content
          • Social Media lesson to help you create shareable content to get your course out there
          • How to create an affiliate program so others can share your content
          • Plus so much more
          My name is Kristy-Lea Tritz and I have been creating content since I was a youngster. I used to make up worksheets and courses for my sisters and our friends which I would then teach them. Teaching is in my blood! I have a huge passion for helping others learn through easy step by step methods ensuring that they can cut out the overwhelm and frustrations to get straight to the point and generate an income from their creations.

          Join me in this easy to follow and comprehensive course as you learn how to effectively monetize your expertise today!

          As a top course creator in the creative realm I am going to show you in detail exactly how you can create courses with ease!
          I will teach you how to create your EPIC Course, make it look stunning, promote it, sell it and generate an income while sharing what you love. Sound Good?

          Well check below for the course content information to find out exactly what we will cover

          Just like you I invested a bazillion dollars and had wasted sooooo much time, that was until I discovered the system I teach you in this course, thanks to my own writers block, you get to learn the easy way, you see I knew there had to be a system to creating content that would allow me to easily create any kind of content I needed, including content for online courses and books...well I hold nothing back, its all in here for you. If you feel something is missing just let me know and possibly you'll see a new video just for you covering that topic!

          Kristy-Lea Tritz

          Kristy-Lea Tritz is an International Best-Selling Author of 7 books, artist, creative instructor and course developer. 

          She is deeply passionate about helping others discover or reawaken their creative side. 

          Kristy-Lea also loves coaching other creatives helping them to develop their own creative courses. Giving back to the community is at the very core of everything Kristy-Lea does and is the driving force behind everything she creates.

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