Have you wanted to learn more about the art of journaling?

In this FREE introduction workshop I will introduce you to the art of journaling and share with you all the amazing ways you can create with journaling!


Date: September 26, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Jasper Habitat For The Arts

What You'll Learn

  •  We will explore the art of journaling and all of its uses
  •  What type of journaling might best suit you and your style or need
  • Types of journaling (we will cover 7 types)
  • How you can use journaling to capture memories & moments
  • How to use journaling for organization & productivity
  • How journaling can help you achieve more in many aspects of life
  • How journaling can be used for therapeutic benefit & healing
  • PLUS: We will explore the art of journaling hands on!

Supplies To Bring

All supplies will be provided for this workshop

Joining the workshop at Jasper Habitat for The Arts also gains you access to the online content for this workshop!
This means when you reserve your spot you will get access to the recording of the workshop as well as the additional online content and will be able to access it FOREVER!

About Your Instructor:

Kristy-Lea Tritz
Artist, Author, Creative Workshop Instructor, & Massage Therapist

Kristy-Lea Tritz is a creative soul who has several Amazon bestselling books. She is trained as a massage therapist and has enhanced that training through additional courses in life coaching, circle leading, creative writing, and is part of the John Maxwell Team of speakers, trainers and coaches.

She is an artist specializing in supporting those who struggle with chronic conditions create a healing space where they can escape the daily struggles, explore who they are despite their diagnosis and begin living vibrant lives beyond the limitations of their condition by utilizing the art of painting. Kristy-Lea does this through her online painting community Strokes of Hope.

Creatively Helping You Navigating The Palette Of Life!