Join Me For This Step By Step Class Where You'll Successfully Paint A Beautiful Butterfly With Ease...Even If You Don't Know What Acrylic Paint Is!

INCLUDES: ZERO Time Lapse Over My shoulder Stroke by Stroke Instructional Videos Plus
Supplies List - Reference Image - Drawing Template

Complete Step-By-Step Class
 (4 hours)

√ Learn How to gesso your canvas so you start with the best foundation for painting on!

Draw your butterfly even if you have never drawn a stick figure!

√ Under-paint the butterfly enabling you to build up layers creating realistic depth in your painting!

Build the layers adding texture without pulling your hair out in the process!

Add those all important details to bring your painting to life, even if you have never picked up a paint brush before!

Finalizing the butterfly to finish your work of art so you can hang it with pride!



Kristy-Lea Tritz

Kristy-Lea Tritz is an International Best-Selling Author of 7 books, artist, creative instructor and course developer. 

She is deeply passionate about helping others discover or reawaken their creative side. 

Kristy-Lea also loves coaching other creatives helping them to develop their own creative courses. Giving back to the community is at the very core of everything Kristy-Lea does and is the driving force behind everything she creates.


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