Supporting chronic condition sufferers learn the art of acrylic painting in 5 easy steps so that they can create a healing space to cope with the daily struggles their condition brings.

$39/month or $400/Year (CAN$)


Strokes of Hope is a painting community that combines the art of painting with an encouraging community to help you create a healing space you can escape too when life get's tough to manage.

Sometimes life can be difficult to navigate. Add to it stress, anxiety, worry or a chronic condition and it can seem utterly impossible! Don't worry you no longer have to go through it alone Strokes of Hope is here to support you.

Vision & Mission

Hello, I’m Kristy-Lea Tritz
I’m a healing artist who specializes in supporting those who struggle with chronic conditions, to create a healing space where they can escape the daily struggles, explore who they are despite their diagnosis and begin living vibrant lives beyond the limitations of their condition by utilizing the art of painting.

To Creatively Help 100 People Navigate The Palette Of Life!

What's Included?

Never Painted Before?

No worries. I'll show you how brush stroke by brush stroke utilizing the 5 step easy peasy painting process.

Now ANYONE can learn to paint!

You'll learn how to enter the "soul space", or "zone" where you will experience time slow, worries and stresses disappear, this is where the HEALING space is created


  • New monthly Step by step, stroke by stroke video tutorials utilizing the 5 step easy peasy painting process
  • Skill building and confidence growing format
  • Drawing templates, supply guide, resources
  • ZERO time lapse you see every single brush stroke!

Belong To A Creative Community!

The hardest struggle can be the feeling of being all alone and like there is just no where you truly BELONG.

You're no longer alone and you now have a COMMUNITY to belong to!

Experience creating with others who get it because they also live it!


  • Access to the encouraging & uplifting creative community
  • LIVE online monthly Tea & Paint With Me sessions with fellow members
  • Group Q and A sessions
  • Enjoy creating with others who are also creating a healing space in their lives.

Grow Your Skills?

Now that you have started learning how to utilize the art of painting to create a healing space in your life now it is time to GROW.

You won't become stagnant in your SKILL BUILDING each month you will get access to specialty skill building how to tutorials.

These are in a simple format, breaking down one skill at a time!


  • Detailed tutorial video instruction
  • One skill per video
  • Learn mixing of colours, how to create things like crass, trees, and more.
  •   A new tutorial each month based on community feedback on what YOU are struggling with or really want to learn more in depth!

$39/month or $400/Year (CAN$)


Tap Into The Healing Benefits Of Painting

  • Sleepless nights of tossing and turning, your mind racing with thoughts?
  • Exhaustion that lasts all day long even after a nights sleep?
  • A sense there has to be more to life than what you currently experience?
  • A feeling of being completely out of control of what is occurring in your life and wishing you could just escape?
  •   Sad, overwhelmed, frustrated and like you just want to give up?
  • The ability to stop the racing thoughts?
  • Increase in your energy levels?
  • A healthy way to escape when life seems too much to bear?
  • A deep sense of calm and peace
  • Decrease worry, stress & anxiety?
  •   An increase in your joy and happiness?
  •   A feeling of living a fulfilled life?

$39/month or $400Year (CAN$)

Q. Do I get access to all of the monthly experiences for the one low payment? 
A. Yes, you get access to all experiences, but you can choose if you want to take part in all of them or just one.

Q. Does my membership auto renew?
A. Yes, your membership will auto renew, unless you cancel it prior to it renewing.

Q. What if I need to cancel?
A. That's easy peasy to. We get it sometimes life happens. Just send us an email using our contact form and the team will make sure your account is cancelled. This will also cancel your special pricing, the ability to enter the community as well or take part in any of the live experiences held through the membership platform.

Q. What if I have never painted before?
A. No worries, I break everything down into a sequence of five tutorials so you can go step by step with the easy peasy painting method ANYONE can learn to paint!

Q. Will I have enough time?
A. Yes, I have broken the videos down so you can take what you have time for. Plus everything is put into your membership area so you can take what you want at your own pace anytime you like from the comfort of your own home.

$39/month or $400/Year (CAN$)